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Kind to the environment

At all factories belonging to CASIO, great value is placed on the protection of the environment. CASIO has therefore set up environmental management systems certified to the ISO 14001 standard in these locations. Environmental management involves making sure that environmental law is adhered to at all times, training staff and constantly optimising products and production processes. As of 2015, all CASIO projectors are produced at our factory in Yamagata (Japan). 
The certificate for this factory can be downloaded here.

An end to mercury – CASIO projectors are ahead of their time

The innovative laser and LED hybrid light source means that the projectors from CASIO represent a pioneering advance with regard to the environment: Since 2006, EU Directive 2002/95/EC (RoHS) has placed considerable restrictions on the use of mercury. Up to now, one exception has been projector lamps for use in daylight. Projectors from CASIO have a light intensity of up to 5000 lumens – and are able to achieve such levels without the use of mercury-vapour lamps. 2020 marks a crucial turning point for global environmental protection, because that will be the year in which the Minamata Convention comes into force. This United Nations environmental treaty says that mercury, a highly toxic metal, should be permanently banned from use in light sources. 128 countries have already committed to stop using the heavy metal across the board – including imports and exports. 
CASIO has already proven that it is a forward-thinking company and sends a clear signal that it is working actively for the good of the environment. Since 2010, all projectors made by CASIO have therefore been completely free of projector lamps containing mercury; instead, all projectors are now equipped with an energy-efficient laser and LED hybrid light source.  By taking these steps, each projector also meets the regulations that are set to come into force from 2020 onwards.

More information about the Minamata Convention and the health risks of mercury can be found here.

Economical and environmentally friendly

  • A power consumption of 0.23 watts (Pro series: 0.4 watts) in standby mode means that CASIO projectors go beyond the requirements of the current EU directive aimed at reducing the power consumption of technical devices. With regard to operation, the projectors also set standards when it comes to energy efficiency and boast energy cost savings of up to 50% in comparison to projectors equipped with mercury lamps.
  • Previously, to achieve a service life of 20,000 hours while maintaining a high light intensity, up to nine conventional mercury-vapour lamps were required. Such costs do not apply to CASIO projectors – and no energy is required for the production, transportation and disposal of replacement lamps, either. Thanks to the compact size of the Green Slim series (297 mm x 43 mm x 210 mm) and the reduced packaging, savings are also possible with regard to transport costs.

    The dynamic brightness control* adjusts the luminosity of the projector automatically to suit a variety of different lighting conditions. This feature also has the added benefit of saving power.
    *Does not apply to the Core series.