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School: Stiftung Louisenlund boarding school
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The school

Louisenlund boarding and day school is a special place to learn. This is already apparent on the long drive up to the impressive white castle (stately home). In front of the castle stands the historic sundial, which is also the emblem of this prestigious school on the Schlei inlet.
The school currently has 372 pupils in attendance from all around the world and 80 of these are day pupils from the local area. The others live permanently on campus. In addition to the educational programme, school management places great value on pupils also learning skills for life.

“Here at Louisenlund, we want to arouse curiosity, nurture talent and shape the personalities of our young people”, explains Dr Peter Rosner, the school’s headmaster for the past two years. “We offer our students an environment that supports intensive learning in addition to excellent leisure and recreational opportunities in natural surroundings.”

The implementation

The high standards of education and social commitment maintained by the boarding school are also reflected in the facilities and technology on offer. The school recently equipped all of its 30 classrooms with new CASIO projectors.

For the teachers, using the projectors in combination with virtual whiteboards has opened up a host of new possibilities in the classroom. Dr Heinrich Alheid, for example, always uses this combination in his lessons. He finds that it perfectly complements the chalkboard and computer by providing an additional visual stimulus for pupils. In physics lessons, for example, he often uses the projector to present graphics, photos and videos.
Dr Alheid: “This would of course also work with a normal projector; with a whiteboard however, in addition to displaying images, I am also able to freeze and save websites, animations or videos.” In other words, he can use the whiteboard similarly to a chalkboard, but instead of adding information using chalk, he can integrate multimedia content.

One further advantage is that the stored information can be provided to the class subsequently on an additional learning platform, for example, to allow them to go back over what they have learnt. “The new technology allows me to be more flexible in my teaching and present content more clearly. It has altered my entire teaching approach”, says Alheid.

This does not mean that multimedia teaching is his sole focus however. On the contrary, he still considers it essential to talk to his pupils as much as possible; only by discussing their learning with them can he make sure they have actually understood it.

The pupils also value the access to new media. One of the pupils, Carl, explains; “The fact that our teachers can now show more images and graphics helps us take in the information better.”

Another, Marie, adds; “Giving presentations to classmates is now much more fun.” And classmate Luke is happy that long waiting times due to outdated technology are a thing of the past: “With the new technology, it all goes much faster and easier.”

Feedback from the front line

According to school bursar, Gabriele Grube: “Timetable planning has become much easier. The teachers are able to start their lessons straight away because the projectors are easy to use and ready to go at the touch of a button – without any fuss or lengthy warm-up phase.

As a school, we also appreciate the impressive environmental credentials of the CASIO projectors: the fact that they consume less power, for instance, and are mercury-free, with a laser & LED hybrid light source with a lifetime of up to 20,000 hours.“
Gabriele Grube

The product

Louisenlund opted for 30 CASIO XJ-UT310WN projectors with 30 interactive Legamaster whiteboards. These were procured from and installed by Lauer-Direkt during summer 2015. CASIO developed the ultra short throw projector especially for use in schools.

It is bright, ready for use at the touch of a button and economical to operate thanks to the energy-saving and long-lasting hybrid laser and LED light source. It has a service life of up to 20,000 hours (which equates to approximately 15 years operating for six hours a day) and saves up to 40 percent on electricity costs compared to models containing a mercury bulb.

Teachers who like to move around while teaching will appreciate the C-Assist app (Android and iOS), which controls the projector from a smartphone or tablet.

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