CO2 calculator

User convenience and environmental protection in one: Depending on the model, CASIO projectors with mercury-free laser and LED hybrid light source consume up to 50% less energy than comparable projectors with mercury lamps. As a result, CO2 emissions are reduced by up to 50%.

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Lower CO2 emissions:
€ 27.060,00

Reduced CO2 emissions through energy savings


Comparison model
Total number of projectors
You can adapt the total number of projectors individually.
Comparison model
Power consumption/projector (watts)1
You can select from the power consumption in Normal mode as well as the highest and lowest consumption in Eco mode.
Comparison model
You can adapt the power consumption individually for the comparison model.
Service life (hours)2
You can adapt the duration of use for the projectors individually.
Comparison model
Total power consumption (watts)
Comparison model
CO2 emissions/kWh (g/kWh)3
You can adjust the CO2 emissions/kWh individually according to the data from your electricity supplier.
Comparison model
CO2 emissions (t)
Comparison model
Lower CO2 emissions:

  1. Power consumption in normal mode (Eco off). Select from 5 or 7 Eco modes, depending on the series.
  2. Service life: 6 hours/day x 220 days/year = 1320 hours/year x 5 years – service life = 6600 hours
  3. Average emissions in European Union (fuel mix) for 2014. Source: Convenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy

The flexible CASIO light source offers even more potential savings. Unlike conventional projectors, CASIO projectors require no warm-up or cool-down phase (Instant On/Off). Depending on the requirements, that means they can be switched on and off without any great time delay.
The dynamic brightness control* ensures that the brightness of the projector automatically adjusts to changing light conditions, ensuring the brightness level is always correct and never consumes more energy than necessary.

Protecting the climate made easy: During their relatively long lifecycle of up to 20,000 hours, CASIO projectors require no additional spare parts, such as replacement filters or lamps containing mercury. That means there is no additional environmental pollution caused by transporting, storing and disposing of the spare parts. Reduced environmental pollution, lower follow-up costs and greater ease of use — a real win-win situation for users and the environment!

* Not valid for models in the Core series.