A durable light source

The actual power of the CASIO projectors lies deep within: the revolutionary laser and LED hybrid light source. This technology is the centrepiece of the projectors and functions without any need for quicksilver – in complete contrast to conventional projector lamps. The new, innovative light source from CASIO not only offers exceptional projection performance – due to its low wear, it also manages to deliver this continuously high level of performance over a long period of time and even makes projections possible in daylight*. Added to this is an extensive service life of up to 20,000 hours, meaning that unexpected outages caused by defective lamps are a thing of the past. This service life corresponds to a period of use lasting six hours a day, 220 days a year, over the course of an entire 15 years. In other words: A single projector from CASIO can easily deal with 10,000 two-hour meetings. This level of durability can only bring benefits to the education sector: The long service life of the light source means that there is no longer any need to worry about lamp outages and subsequently having to cancel lessons – at least not for 15 years.
* For projections in daylight, i.e. without darkening the room, a minimum of approx. 2000 ANSI lumens is required, depending on the size of the room.