Modern interactivity with the revolutionary CASIO app

A special app has been developed for CASIO projectors* that can be used to easily integrate modern media such as tablets or smartphones into the classroom – thereby opening up completely new possibilities when planning lessons! This innovative application sees CASIO keeping up to date with current technological developments – after all, many teachers today already use a tablet or smartphone.

* Function available on selected models. Please see the detailed product description.
  • Give presentations wirelessly from a smart device

    Once installed on a tablet or smartphone, the app can be used to control the projector directly. From the teacher's desk or from anywhere else in the classroom – presentations can be wirelessly displayed over a large area via the projector. By quick and simple means, a completely new way of giving presentations is made possible: The presenter is able to move freely around the room and interact with listeners. As a result, the traditional method of teaching from the front is made a thing of the past. Supports popular file formats such as PDF, JPG or Powerpoint To Go.
  • Projections of spontaneous camera shots

    Would you like to make politics or history lessons more interesting by displaying newspaper clippings? What about documenting the procedure for successful experiments in chemistry or physics lessons? These teaching methods are easy to achieve thanks to the app from CASIO: Simply capture images using a tablet or smartphone and display these over a large area using the app. During the presentation, content can be edited and subsequently stored. Thanks to the camera function, smart devices can be used as document cameras: The image is displayed in real time via the projector.
Tip: Day-to-day school life is frequently a hectic experience, meaning that it is often difficult to find the remote control for the projector. Yet this problem can be easily fixed thanks to the CASIO app, which features its own integrated remote control.
  • PC access via a tablet

    Once open on a PC, software products and presentations can be controlled via the app on a tablet, which acts as a remote control for the PC – all thanks to the CASIO app. 
  • Lively, interactive lessons

    Words or drawings can be added "live" to presentations using the app – while the entire class follows via the projection. Using this function, lessons can be made even more vivid and lively. Any changes to the presentation can be saved at any time and reused later. 

Display web data via a browser using the projector

Even data from the Internet can be integrated into presentations using the app. Many mobile devices now have direct access to the Internet or a Wi-Fi connection. The app allows a browser window to be integrated directly into a presentation. This feature allows up-to-date information from the net to be projected immediately onto a large area (Internet access required).

The app is available to download free of charge here: 

Important information for initial WLAN connection to your projector

You can find brief instructions on connecting to your CASIO projector in our quick guides. They contain information on how to connect your PC, tablet or smartphone to the projector via WLAN. Simply select the relevant model and you will find all the corresponding information.