CASIO supports the push towards digitalisation in Norderstedt

The city of Norderstedt is looking to modernise teaching in its schools via the use of video projectors, tablets and smartphones. Located to the north of Hamburg, the city has allocated almost two million euro for this initiative in its 2018/19 budget. CASIO has endorsed this idea and is providing a total of nine mercury-free projectors to three schools in Norderstedt.

The city's administration and schools initiated the Norderstedt digital campaign. Nine of the city's twelve primary schools and its three secondary schools—the Harksheide grammar school, Harksheide community school and the Willy-Brandt community school—were the first to receive projectors, tablets and smartphones with this funding. All 7800 pupils and students can now access cloud-based learning materials. The Institut für Qualitätsentwicklung an Schulen Schleswig-Holstein (IQSH — Institute for Quality Development in Schools, Schleswig-Holstein), responsible for the training and development of teachers in the region, is on board with the initiative, as is the Zentrum für Medien und Informationstechniken (ZMI — Centre for Media and Information Technologies).

This cross-school approach makes Norderstedt—the fifth largest city in Schleswig-Holstein with 80,000 inhabitants—one of the digital education pioneers in the most northerly German state. Two media advisors at the IQSH help the teachers to integrate smartphones, projectors and tablets into their teaching. With this approach, the students body not only accumulates and applies knowledge, but also gains skills that the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Länder in the Federal Republic of Germany considers as fundamental for media literacy and for responsible use of the Internet, mobile phones and tablets. These skills include researching, producing content and presenting, as well as teaching users to protect themselves against data misuse.

From left to right: Tomoo Kato, Managing Director of Casio Europe GmbH; fourth from left: Mr Kuhn, Head Teacher, Willy-Brandt community school, plus colleagues and pupils. 

Sustainable projectors with 20,000 hours of operating time

CASIO has made a total of nine projectors available for the project. On 20 June, Tomoo Kato, Managing Director of CASIO's Norderstedt-based European headquarters, presented the Willy-Brandt community school, the Harksheide community school and the Harksheide grammar school with three projectors each. The ZMI tested the projectors extensively before they were assigned.
In addition to two projectors from the CASIO Advanced Series, each school also received a mobile projector model from the Green Slim range. All of these products feature an environmentally friendly and durable laser and LED hybrid light source that offers up to 20,000 hours of operating time. An especially practical feature for teaching is the fact that the projectors start up within a few seconds at the touch of a button. The Casio technology relies on the colour red being produced by LEDs and blue by a laser unit. Green is produced by a phosphorous layer that is illuminated by the laser. The phosphorus unit modifies the wavelengths and phases of the blue laser. The light source consumes only a small amount of energy and, unlike conventional projector bulbs, does not contain any highly toxic mercury. "Digitalisation and sustainability should not be mutually exclusive", explains Julia Christesen, Senior School Business Coordinator at CASIO. "We have specifically designed our projectors to fit into the daily school routine and at the same time help the schools to pursue their sustainability objectives."

Objectives of the Digital Schools 2020 initiative

  • Pupils in Norderstedt are well equipped for the digital future and benefit from strong media skills.
  • Coordinated media concepts provide a platform from which the schools and school authorities can introduce further digitalisation initiatives into the schools in Norderstedt.
  • A solid infrastructure fulfils the conditions for implementing and developing digital learning concepts.

Strengths of CASIO projectors for use in schools

  • Laser and LED hybrid light source has a service life of up to 20,000 hours.
  • The long service life eliminates the need for time-consuming and expensive bulb replacements.
  • The projectors are designed for continuous use (24/7).
  • They offer brilliant colour reproduction even in daylight.
  • Direct ON/OFF: The projector can be switched off and immediately restarted, lessons can start immediately, images are displayed at full luminance in a matter of seconds.
  • Schools save on operating costs due to low maintenance requirements and low power consumption.

From left to right: Mr Rainer Bülck, Head Teacher at Harksheide community school; Mr Priebe, Deputy Head Teacher; Tomoo Kato, Managing Director of Casio Europe GmbH.