LampFree CASIO Green Technology

When we considered people, the world, nature and the future, Casio realized that projectors should be cleaner.

‘LampFree’. This is the concept we stuck to in the development of that cleaner projector. We sought to create a bright and environmentally-friendly projector from scratch that didn’t use mercury, which is a harmful substance.

We set a high bar for ourselves, and after too many attempts and failures to count, in 2010, we developed the world’s first laser and LED hybrid light source.

In giving the world the LampFree Projector, which met high levels of environmental performance, economy and functionality, we overturned the common sense of the time that viewed the use of a mercury lamp as normal.

The LampFree Projector, having produced new value in terms of sustainability, has received acclaim around the world, and is shining bright as the top seller among semiconductor projectors for the sixth straight year after its release.

At the cutting edge of projectors in the world, the Casio LampFree Projector will continue to make contributions to the world in our pursuit of sustainability.

Casio projectors of the future

We developed our new projector with care for the environment at its heart.
We improved our own technical abilities and aimed to expand our own potential.

Since the projector market up to now was based on the mercury lamp light source, this hindered the development of the industry and it could not develop technically.

However, this all rapidly changed in 2010 with Casio’s development of the laser and LED hybrid light source—the LampFree light source that no longer uses the mercury lamp.

This bright, high-resolution, environmentally-friendly projector has a wide variety of applications across various fields, like school and business

Casio’s LampFree Projector, with its unique laser and LED hybrid light source, is attached attention among data projectors in the 4,000 lumens or less category. It has a lifespan of approximately 20,000 hours. It’s power-saving design also cuts energy consumption by as much as 40-50%.
It doesn’t need a cooling fan or a filter like the mercury lamp models. This creates a highly economical product as it contributes to achieving a sustainable society, a driving principle of behind its development. It doesn’t use a toxic mercury lamp, and doesn’t produce waste substances. The thorough-going sustainability of this projector, with its conservation of energy and resources, has created a precedent for the industry to go LampFree.

The word ‘LampFree’, itself, implies economical utility, environmental friendliness, the possibilities of market expansion backed by advanced technology, and technological superiority. Also, just by using a Casio LampFree Projector, an individual or a business has made a tangible contribution to sustainability in our environment and society.

Development concept of LampFree Projector

Overcoming the high-luminosity brought with phosphor.

The laser and LED hybrid light source creates blue and green with a laser and red with an LED. The development team was concerned about how to increase the luminous efficiency of green, which has the largest effect on making the light source highly luminous. Through many days of trial and error, one of the engineers, one late evening, looked at the ceiling in the lab and spotted the fluorescent lights. He thought to himself, “Yes! If we use phosphor, it will make the green much brighter.” Researching further based on this hunch, the team was successful at largely improving the luminous efficiency by shining the powerful blue laser through phosphor to produce green. They made a bright light source possible without the use of a mercury lamp.

Koji Deguchi
Section Manager, Planning Section, Product Development Department-1, Digital Signage Division

Features and superiority of the hybrid light source

Extending the lifespan of the light source and making the unit more compact, all the while reducing the price.

Compared to conventional mercury lamp projectors, the laser and LED hybrid light source has a long lifespan of as much as 20,000 hours, and has outstanding functionality with the ability to immediately project when the power button is pushed. We are proud to say that our projector is overwhelmingly more superior than the semi-conductor light source projectors of our competitors. For example, with the all-laser types, more brightness requires more lasers, and this increases both the size and the cost. In contrast, the laser and LED hybrid light source, with its high efficiency, is structurally smaller and still emits a bright image.

This is why Casio can offer the low energy-consuming yet extremely bright LampFree Projector in a smaller size and at a low price.

Osamu Umamine
Leader, Product Development Department-1, Digital Signage Division