Laser and LED hybrid light source from CASIO

Friendlier to the environment and to your budget: our unique high-performance laser and LED hybrid light source. It not only works completely without mercury lamps, and thus without the pollutant mercury – it means CASIO LampFree projectors allow for real cash savings when it comes to running costs. Freedom from maintenance requirements for lamps or filters, low power consumption and the particularly long service life are just a few of the benefits. It comes as no surprise, then, that more than 40,000 schools and over 1 million people worldwide have chosen a CASIO LampFree projector within just ten years.

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Combining progress and sustainability

Environmental protection and conserving resources are two very important concepts for CASIO. For this reason, CASIO has established "environmental management systems" at its factories to ensure that operational environmental policies are implemented. These systems are certified in accordance with ISO 14001. Click here to download the certificate for the Yamagata factory (Japan) where virtually all CASIO projectors are manufactured. The comprehensive environmental management measures that we have implemented include continuous optimisation of products and production processes, consistent compliance with environmental laws, and employee training.

In 2010, CASIO was the first company in the world to stop using toxic mercury vapour bulbs in its projectors. To protect the environment and natural resources for future generations, CASIO is committed to developing innovative projectors with a unique laser and LED hybrid light source. This powerful technology is extremely durable, environmentally friendly and economical as there is no need for bulb replacements. Working in line with these values, CASIO will continue developing next-generation technologies as a global pioneer of innovative projectors.

All CASIO projectors have a mercury free light source since 2010

The global Minamata Convention on Mercury enters into force on August 16, 2017 to protect human health and the environment from the adverse effects of mercury.

Projectors still lie outside the scope of the convention, but this date should be commemorated as the day the world took a major step towards becoming mercury-free.

CASIO has led the world in equipping all projectors with a mercury-free light source since 2010. We make unique advancements in Laser & LED Hybrid Light Source projectors that are superior environmentally, economically and in operation.

All this without use of mercury and without producing toxic waste. Holding fast to these ideals, CASIO will continue to advance the cutting edge as a global pioneer of next-generation projectors.

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Contributing to sustainability. The LampFree Revolution produces three core values.

Case studies

  • Stiftung Louisenlund boarding school

    The case study shows how XJ-UT310WN projectors from CASIO came to be used at the Louisenlund boarding school.
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  • Digitalisation in Norderstedt

    The city of Norderstedt is looking to modernise teaching in its schools via the use of video projectors, tablets and smartphones. Located to the north of Hamburg, the city has allocated almost two million euro for this initiative in its 2018/19 budget.
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  • Palais de Tokyo, Paris

    Institut Quimic de Sarrià

    CASIO eco-friendly projectors help provide good service to teachers and students.

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