A business partner that you can count on: Projectors from CASIO

For large conferences, customer presentations or internal meetings – the projectors from CASIO will impress as the ideal business partner. Thanks to the Direct ON/OFF function, the projectors are ready to use instantly – without delays and without waiting times. WLAN and USB ensure that the innovative projectors offer flexibility and can be moved around as required. These products impress with clear, brilliant colour reproduction – even when used in daylight. 100% reliability is guaranteed thanks to their long service life and the fact that there is no need for expensive and time-consuming maintenance work or lamp changes.
  • Impress audiences with a riveting meeting

    The projectors featuring a USB* port make everyday business tasks easier: The supplied software can be used to convert a presentation, which can then be saved onto a USB stick and presented without even having to connect your laptop. Using WLAN*, up to four computers can be connected at the same time via a single projector, allowing presentations that involve several speakers to also be coordinated smoothly. All USB models include a WLAN adapter and internal memory (approx. 2 GB).
     *Functions available on selected models. Please see the detailed product description.

Impress with digital signage – made possible by CASIO projectors 

Digital signage allows users to display their own signs over a large area. The innovative technology installed in CASIO projectors presents advertising messages using impressive, attention-grabbing large-area projections.
A light source with a long service life is essential when it comes to cost-effective use of a projector for the purposes of digital signage. The revolutionary, mercury-free laser and LED hybrid light source from CASIO offers an exceptionally long operating time of up to 20,000 hours and a light output of up to 5000 lumens. These characteristics mean that CASIO projectors are exceptionally well-suited to 24-hour use. In shops or offices where the power is shut off at night, there is no need to shut down the projector separately because no cool-down phase is required. In the morning, the projector starts up automatically when the power is switched on again and is ready for operation within just five seconds thanks to the Direct ON/OFF function.
  • Digital signage lends itself well to applications such as displaying eye-catching advertising messages on previously unused surfaces or as a means of designating areas – for example in areas of a hotel, such as "Spa" or "Reception".
  • Which is better? Being able to enjoy complete freedom with a projector or quickly reaching the limits with a flat screen? A projector takes up little space and has a discreet appearance. The size of the projection is extremely flexible. Even displays that are much larger than 152 cm (60 inches) are easy to implement – and this solution is more economical than flat screen monitors for large presentation areas.

Further application possibilities 

Rear projection on glass surfaces

Projector usage with rear projection film – a clear view in the display window

Using digital signage with a rear projection film allows you to project the message onto any glass surfaces, whatever their shape. Display windows can therefore be used as an attractive means of advertising – without compromising the view through the window, as is the case with flat screens, billboards or posters, for example. 

How it works:

  • Simply cut the film to the desired shape and size, and stick the film to the glass surface exactly where you want it
  • Set up the projector so that the projection fits the film exactly
  • Connect the data carrier
  • Switch on the device
  • Save content in the internal memory
  • or connect a data carrier

Where digital signage with rear projection film comes into use

The system is particularly suitable for unused window surfaces in the entrance area. Supermarkets can create a striking display of their offers and companies can present their logo in an aesthetically pleasing and subtle way. Digital signage with rear projection film is also suitable for simple, variable descriptions, e.g. at trade fairs.
Edge blending

Edge blending – messages in XXL format

One option for bringing very large, long surfaces to life is to use several projectors together. This method makes it easy to achieve projections many metres wide or high. The size of the presentation area is flexible and cheaper to project onto than video walls of comparable size. 

How it works:

  • Depending on the projection surface, install the corresponding number of projectors
  • Install the software
  • A non-overlapping image can be produced despite different projection surfaces

Where edge blending comes into use

Whether in corridors at airports or along long routes at trade fairs, you can use the edge blending method to impress visitors with your message – and guide them safely to their desired destination. Alternatively, you can make entire walls at trade fairs or departments in specialist stores attractive and eye-catching.
Tip: The ability to project onto the most varied of surfaces (e.g. natural stone walls) offers the scope to design creative and unique installations with some very special colour effects.