Revolutionary learning units

Showing educational films, presenting graphs and creating media-supported lessons and talks – these are all part of modern teaching. Regardless of whether they are used flexibly or installed on a ceiling, CASIO projectors are ideally suited for use in lessons thanks to their ease of use and the revolutionary long service life of the light source. 
  • Projections in bright classrooms

    Be it a small classroom or a large lecture theatre – CASIO projectors can be used in a wide range of teaching environments. The light output of up to 5000 lumens* means that it is unnecessary to darken teaching spaces – no matter how long the projector has been in operation thanks to its particularly low-wear light technology. The dynamic brightness control* adjusts the luminosity of the projector automatically to suit a variety of different lighting conditions, meaning optimum image brightness and additional power savings.

    *Function available on selected models. Please see the detailed product description.
  • Shadow-free projections without being dazzled – the XJ-UT310WN ultra-short-throw projector is able to project a large image from a very short distance.

Flexible teaching

Thanks to their laser and LED hybrid light source, CASIO projectors also mean more teaching flexibility than is otherwise possible using projectors equipped with mercury lamps: The reliable light source enables an image to be displayed at full brightness in only five seconds. The projector can therefore be switched off and directly back on again as required without losing any time. If the projector needs to be moved around, it is no longer necessary to wait for the lamp to cool down first – instead, the device can simply be unplugged once the lesson has finished. One particular highlight is the 2x zoom featured in the Green Slim series: This feature enables a large image to be projected from either the teacher's desk or the first row of students – meaning that it is no longer necessary to move furniture around to enable mobile use of the projector.

Multimedia teaching made easy

In place of an overhead projector and transparencies, today many classrooms already use a projector equipped with a document camera. However, this combination not only saves time, money and energy – CASIO projectors mean that multimedia teaching is now virtually limitless. Using the network models* from CASIO, a tablet, smartphone or up to four PCs can be connected to the projector from any location in the classroom via WLAN. Videos or images that are used often can be stored directly in the internal memory (approx. 2 GB) of these models, meaning that a multimedia lesson can be delivered without the need for a PC or tablet. These models can also be integrated into a school network – and are therefore well-prepared for the schools of tomorrow. 
  • ###alttag_edun_usb### Projectors with a USB port can connect directly to graphing calculators from CASIO (incl. USB connection).
  • The screens of up to four PCs can be projected side by side simultaneously via WLAN.
*Function available on selected models. Please see the detailed product description.