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With the advent of IT education, which integrates digital contents and the Internet into the classroom, instructors need projectors that facilitate easier, more efficient teaching styles.

CASIO is preparing to support the IT classroom of the future.
We call these efforts our Educational Solutions (ES) concept.

  • To simplify operation and expedite smooth classroom instruction.
  • To enable flexible teaching styles that encourage greater student participation.
  • To coordinate lessons more closely with students and strengthen interactive communication.

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1-Click Connection Projectors

We began by interviewing about 100 teachers and IT managers from over 40,000 schools where CASIO projectors are in use to determine the ideal performance characteristics of tomorrow's IT classroom projectors.
We reduced restrictions on the classroom layout by introducing wireless operation and replacing the complicated setting procedures with quick, easy One Click Connection. We also installed a smartphone/tablet-based Moderator function and a PC / Projector remote function that enables free control of projection operation of the teacher or students from anywhere in the classroom.
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