Kind to the environment

At all factories belonging to CASIO, great value is placed on the protection of the environment. CASIO has therefore set up environmental management systems certified to the ISO 14001 standard in these locations. Environmental management involves making sure that environmental law is adhered to at all times, training staff as well as constantly optimising products and production processes.
The certificate for this factory can be downloaded here.

All CASIO projectors have a mercury free light source since 2010

  • The global Minamata Convention on Mercury enters into force on August 16, 2017 to protect human health and the environment from the adverse effects of mercury.

    Projectors still lie outside the scope of the convention, but this date should be commemorated as the day the world took a major step towards becoming mercury-free.

    CASIO has led the world in equipping all projectors with a mercury-free light source since 2010. We make unique advancements in Laser & LED Hybrid Light Source projectors that are superior environmentally, economically and in operation.

    All this without use of mercury and without producing toxic waste. Holding fast to these ideals, CASIO will continue to advance the cutting edge as a global pioneer of next-generation projectors.

What is the Minamata Convention on Mercury?

  • Not to use mercury. Not to transport it. And to manage it appropriately.

    The Minamata Convention on Mercury is an "international treaty that regulates the anthropogenic emission and release of mercury and its compounds comprehensively through the life cycle of mercury, from excavation to its trade, use, emission, release and disposal, in order to protect human health and environment." The treaty targets linear fluorescent lamps used in typical lighting and high pressure mercury lamps, among others. Adopted in 2013, the convention entered into force on August 16, 2017 after the number of ratifying countries reached 50. Currently, 94 countries are parties to the convention (as of July 21).
  • Major Convention Highlights

    • General prohibition on international trade (import/export) of mercury
    • General prohibition on manufacture and import/export of clinical thermometers, batteries and blood pressure gauges that use mercury as well as fluorescent lamps that use more than a fixed amount of mercury by 2020
    • Reduction in emissions of mercury to the atmosphere, water and ground
    • Proper storage and disposal of mercury, mercury compounds and mercury waste
  • Current Ratifying Countries As of July 21, 2017

    United States of America / Djibouti / Guyana / Monaco / Uruguay / Gabon / Guinea / Nicaragua / Lesotho / United Arab Emirates / Madagascar / Seychelles / Mauritania / Chad / Samoa / Mongolia / Mexico / Panama / Jordan / Kuwait / Peru / Bolivia (Plurinational State of) / Japan / Senegal / Zambia / Switzerland / Mali / Botswana / Ecuador / China / Swaziland / Antigua and Barbuda / Sierra Leone / Benin / Gambia / Costa Rica / Liechtenstein / Togo / Honduras / Ghana / Canada / Burkina Faso / Afghanistan / Norway / Bulgaria / Denmark / European Union / Hungary / Malta / Netherlands / Romania / Sweden / Saint Kitts and Nevis / Slovakia / Finland / Niger / Austria / France / Iran (Islamic Republic of) / Czech Republic / Sri Lanka / El Salvador / Latvia / Moldova (Republic of) / Estonia / Palau / Thailand / Slovenia / Viet Nam / Rwanda / Jamaica / Syrian Arab / Kiribati / Brazil / Namibia / Germany / Lao / Luxembourg / Mauritius / Indonesia / Singapore / Argentina / Croatia / Lebanon / Armenia / Lithuania / Cuba / Nigeria / Belgium / Dominican Republic / United Kingdom / Iceland / India / Paraguay

CASIO Projector Timeline

  • 2010

    Released the mercury free light source with high-brightness

  • 2014

    Released the ultra short throw

  • 2015

    Released the XJ-V1

  • 2016

    Released the advanced

  • 2017

    Expansion of the Ultra Short Throw series

  • 2020

    Released the Superior

More information about the Minamata Convention and the health risks of mercury can be found here.

Economical and environmentally friendly

  • A power consumption of 0.23 watts (Pro series: 0.4 watts) in standby mode means that CASIO projectors go beyond the requirements of the current EU directive aimed at reducing the power consumption of technical devices. With regard to operation, the projectors also set standards when it comes to energy efficiency and boast energy cost savings of up to 50% in comparison to projectors equipped with mercury lamps.
  • Previously, to achieve a service life of 20,000 hours while maintaining a high light intensity, up to nine conventional mercury-vapour lamps were required. Such costs do not apply to CASIO projectors – and no energy is required for the production, transportation and disposal of replacement lamps, either. Thanks to the compact size of the Green Slim series (297 mm x 43 mm x 210 mm) and the reduced packaging, savings are also possible with regard to transport costs.

    The dynamic brightness control* adjusts the luminosity of the projector automatically to suit a variety of different lighting conditions. This feature also has the added benefit of saving power.
    *Does not apply to the Core series.